torsdag 10 oktober 2013

Rocket celebrates 15 years!

Goats great companions in the UK, Rocket Recordings, celebrates 15 years in the service of music.
They do this by releasing a compilation with bands they work with and some bands they just love.
Goat participate on this compilation, called Crystallized, with a short jam called Goat jam. 

Check out more info about it here: Rocket Recordings

fredag 4 oktober 2013

Goat releases Live double LP

Goat and Rocket Recordings are releasing a Live double LP on December 2nd.
The official launch party of this album will be held at London’s Koko promoted by ATP (tickets).
This album is the complete show at Electric ballroom in London last june.
Rocket Recordings made the recording since they wanted to capture and document this live set that Goat performed on the other side of the Atlantic and at the biggest summer festivals of 2012.
Goat are very happy for this show to be released and says that they remember it to be a good show for them. They like the sound of the recording and that it is being released with all it´s fine moments and it´s beauty spots. As a live album should be. 
More info and streaming here: Rocket Recordings