tisdag 25 augusti 2015


                                                  Fri 04 Dec – Croxton, Melbourne
                                                 Sat 05 Dec - Howler, Melbourne
                                                 Sun 06 Dec - Howler, Melbourne 
                                                 Tue 08 Dec - Triffid, Brisbane
  Wed 09 Dec - Metro, Sydney
Fri 11 Dec - Meredith Festival, Melbourne
Sat 12 Dec - Disconnect Festival, Perth 

måndag 6 juli 2015



Goat are releasing a new 7" on August the 7th. The two tracks will not be featured on next album.
The single will be released by Stranded/Universal in Scandinavia, Sub Pop in North America, and Rocket Recordings in the rest of the world.

Here´s the A side:

Goat would also like to thank the beautiful people at Babylon Soundgarden, Body and Soul, Down the Rabbit Hole, Glastonbury and Roskilde for this first round of summer festivals. It was great to play for you all!

måndag 16 mars 2015

Giggs 2015!!

At the moment, Goat are recording. It´s going well.  But shows will be played his year too. 
They will all pop up here after they are announced. 
See you! Peace.


6 May - Roma @ Orion Club - http://www.orionliveclub.com
7 May - Milano @ Magnolia Club - http://www.circolomagnolia.it
8 May - Ravenna @ Bronson Club - http://www.bronsonproduzioni.com
9 May - Brescia @ Latteria Molloy - http://www.latteriamolloy.it


17th of october - Gagarin 205, Athens Greece.

13th of November - Nobelberget, Sthlm Sweden